An award winning innovation, powered by Smart Ice Technology ®
The world's first low calorie 100% natural fruit and vegetable ice pop
Hydrating sport slush to boost performance
Creamy Cups
Experience luxury with Creamy Cups (Irish Coffee, Amaretto and Sparkling Wine) Adults only, 4,5% alcohol!
Premium Frozen Cocktails, 4 authentic cocktail flavours:
Cuba Libre, Mojito, Gin Tonic and Caipirinha with 6% alcohol

Food & Beverages innovations

Smart Ice ® has a unique technology to homogenize and freeze liquids. This offers unlimited possibilities to a wide variety of customers.

Unique in the world. That is Smart Ice’s technology. We bring innovation in the Food & Beverages market, pause degradation processes and save energy in refrigeration. The possibilities are endless.

All about innovation

Smart Ice ® innovates and challenges their partners to work together on innovation to command success, together.

Homogenizing fruit juices to optimize the quality and freezing it to enhance the shelf life, developing an isotone sports drink that cools the body from the inside out, making carbonated energy ice cream, freezing alcoholic drinks at normal freezer temperature, cool packs that stay cool for up to 30% longer, speeding up ice rinks and making them more energy efficient.

Roots of Smart Ice ®

The roots of Smart Ice ® are in ice cream technology, but our knowhow reaches beyond that. Smart Ice ® also homogenizes liquids without freezing them. That is interesting for example for suppliers of vegetable and fruit juices that have issues because their products separate. 

In the past years, Smart Ice ® did R&D processes with different parties. We developed an isotone sports drink that cools the body from the inside, launched frozen fruit juices, speed up ice rinks and made them more energy efficient, too many to mention. And it doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are limitless.

Competitive advantage

Smart Ice ® is an enterprise with the biggest ambitions that fit the possibilities of our technology. We are looking to collaborate with solid partners to conquer the world together. Our technology gives them a sustainable competitive advantage that can’t be copied. The quality of products improves significantly, the shelve life is elongated, energy is saved and new markets come within reach. 

The Smart Ice ® technology is really a growth accelerator. But only for partners that can handle the growth. Our innovative technology offers you sustainable competitive advantage.

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